1 March 1578 Scope and Content Indictment of Joan PRESTMARY of Great Dunmow othere bewitched three calves and two cows worth 5, belonging to Nicholsa Whale. Pleads not guilty; not guilty. [ASS 35/20/5B/27]

2 April 1578 Scope and Content Recognizances of John Moore clerk, Nicholas Whale husbandman and William Long yeoman, all of Great Dunmow, before hen. Medeley esq., for the appearance of Joan PRESTMARYE of Great Dunmow spinster, imprisoned in Colchester Gaol, for suspicion of wictchcrafr. Appeared. [ASS 35/20/5B4]

1579 Assize Essex Summer
Indictment of Rich.Presmary of Great Dunmow and Joan his wife there bewitched GABRIEL SMYTHE of the same "brickelayer" whereby he languished until he died 17 July following. Both plead not guilty; guilty.To hang.[ASS 35/21/7/5]