T/A 418/48/38
Indiictment of Margaret Harrison 10 March 26 Elizabeth there bewitched two pigs, belonging to Robert London.
pleads not guilty,
not guilty. (ASS 35/30/1/38).

T/A 418/48/37
Indictment of Margaret Harrison 30 March 28 Elizabeth there, bewitched three pigs, three piglets, two calves and a mare, belonging to John Ingland.
Pleads not guilty;
not guilty. (ASS 35/30/1/37).

T/A 418/48/39
Indictment of Margaret Harrison 2 September 28 Elizabeth there, bewiitched Abigail, daughter of Florence Clarke wiid., whereof she died, 16 September
pleads not guilty;
not guilty. (ASS 35/30/1/39).

T/A 418/48/36 Indictment of Margaret wife of William Harrison of Hackwell labourer, 4 December 22 Elizabeth there, bewitched a cow, a calf and a lamb, belonging to Joan Derifall widow
Pleads not guilty;
not guilty. (ASS 35/30/1/36).