T/A 418/51/24
Indictment of Margaret Cony of Stisted spinster, on the last day of February 30 Eliz., there bewitched John Gwian, whereby he lost the sight of one eye.
Pleads not guilty;
guilty; judged according to the form of the Statute. [ASS 35/31/2/24]

T/A 418/51/25
Indictment of Margaret Cony of Stisted and Avice Cony of the same spinster, 10 March 30 Elizabeth there by "witchcraftes enchauntementes charmes" and scrceries bewitched Jeremy Browne, who became gravely ill in his left leg.
Plead not guilty;
guilty. [ASS 35/31/2/25]

T/A 418/51/26
Indictment of Avice Cony, 1 August 25 [Eliz.], there bewitched Richard son of William Franck, whereof he died.
Pleads not guilty;
guilty; remanded. [ASS 35/31/2/26]