1645, the year that Mathew Hopkins visited Chelmsford.
Records show accusations against 38 women and men, although there were problably more.
17 were hanged, 6 guilty but reprieved, 4 died in prison (very common), 2 acquitted, rest not known.

Hopkins got Margaret Landish to admit that, while lying ill, "something had sucked her privy parts and much pained her". She was encouraged to speculate who sent this torment, and she pointed at Susan Cocke, another defendant.

Margaret Moone admitted to harboring 12 imps, which she used to destroy bread and upset brewing, and when she was evicted by her landlord, she sent a plague of lice to his household.

Anne Cate signed a confession, admitting to sending four mice to bite the knees of a man, who then died.